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Hong Kong-based company Asia Explorer Consultancy Limited puts the keys to a Hong Kong and China business right in your hands.

With international standards, innovative ideas, and extensive global business operations experience, we provide the possible best solutions for starting, developing and managing a business in Hong Kong and China. Our experienced team has delivered the highest levels of business consulting, legal, financial & accounting, tax and regulatory services in these regions.

For start-ups and small-to-medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs from all over the world, we provide “one-stop” solutions:

► Company Incorporation;

► Accounting & Audit for HK companies;

► Financial Reports and Taxation;

► Notary Public;

► Immigration (Hong Kong Visa);

► Other local business-related services.

We know the trials and tribulations getting a business started, off the ground, and thriving. We’ve been in your shoes. With proven strategies and an extensive network of strategic partnerships, we put into play the plays that help achieve success.

Our portfolio of services is always growing so check in with us to see if there is something that we can do for you that isn’t mentioned on the page.

We’re the trusted business partner you deserve.