Doing business in Hong Kong: basic advantages

Hong Kong Company Advantages

» Hong Kong is one of the world’s top financial centers with highly developed economy

» Hong Kong is a unique place to enter the Chinese market. The company in Hong Kong has many advantages when you need to cooperate with China.

» No foreign currency exchange control

» Company formation in Hong Kong is a quick and easy process, also very inexpensive

» Excellent infrastructure and ease of doing business internationally

» The most favorable tax rates, simple tax system (flat rate of 16.5% on net profit)

» Simple financial and accounting system

» English is a second official language

» Government support for small businesses and start-ups

» Easy Immigration possibilities for business owners

Hong Kong Company advantages:

» Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China

» Hong Kong has one of the highest levels of economy freedom

» Hong Kong law is based on combination of English common law and local legislation

» Very effective banking system

» Tax-free zone (if business operates outside of Hong Kong)

» Resident of any country can be a shareholder or director of HK company

» There is no obligation for Hong Kong company to have a local Director



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