Representative office in China

A foreign company, which has reached at least the age of two years, may register a representative office in China.

By opening an office in China, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a company may not engage in commercial activities, i.e accept payment from customers, to enter into contracts and to stand invoices to customers, and also can not pay for the goods to the supplier.

Basic functions of the representative office:

>> Market research

>> Interaction with suppliers, production control, quality goods

>> Customer support

>> Events

We provide the following services:

>> Representative office registration in China

>> Office search, which is required for the registration of representative offices. Assistance in negotiating with landlords

>> Working visa for the Chief Representative and Assistant to the Chief Representative

>> Bank account opening

>> Documents certification

>> Accounting, Audit, and Taxation in China

Note: For documents certification Director of a parent company will need to visit Hong Kong to sign the necessary documents. To sign an office lease agreement and for the opening of a bank account, authorized persons will be required to come to China.

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